The infant / toddler helmet situation

So many things are possible once you have a helmet on your little rascal. Until they are close to a year old, you won’t find helmets that fit (assuming they would even tolerate it on their head). I wasn’t sure what the sizing meant when I was shopping but this Bell Splash helmet fits perfectly. It fit Annie when she was a year old and she loves wearing it now at 14 months. In the store it looked so big but the straps are awesome and it fits like a glove. If you need a helmet for a 1 year old, you want the 18″ size range – this seems to be the smallest head circumference size on the market.

Bell Splash infant / toddler helmet  Bell Splash infant / toddler helmet straps  Helmet straps fit perfect around the ears and chin

REI was the only place in town that carried a decent selection of munchkin helmets. There were a few other models for little girls, but the strapping on the Bell Splash is far superior to other options as far as I’m concerned. Bike rides have been great – the real test will come later this week when I put Annie in the backpack and take her skiing at Whistler. Gotta have a good helmet for that!

Bell Splash Bike Helmet - Toddlers'
Bell Splash Helmet
for infants/toddlers

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