The clock is ticking

When I was a kid I’d listen to the second hand on a clock in a dark room and it sounded slow.

As we age, we have fewer milestones that clearly mark time in our lives. Going to high school, getting your drivers license, being able to vote, being able to drink – all milestones of time. Once you hit your twenties, there are very few of these to gauge the years that pass. The years begin to lump together and pass in groups of ten.

Getting older means that each moment in the future represents a smaller and smaller portion of time relative to the time you have already spent living. When you are 3 minutes old, a minute is a pretty long time! When you are 37 years old, a minute is more like an instant. In my humble opinion, this explains why time seems to go faster and faster as we get older.

Now as a father I listen to the second hand on the clock in a dark room and it sounds pretty fast.

About Aaron

Born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, I graduated with a BA in Business from the University of Washington in Seattle. After working in Seattle for a few years I moved to Alta, UT to work and ski. After getting that out of my system (finally) I settled back in Tacoma. I am now a self-employed photographer and web designer, while maintaining my post as stay-at-home, work-at-home dad to the greatest little girl in all the world.
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