Terrible 2’s will be my biggest test to date

I can tell you that I was not built with the innate capability to deal well with children acting out wildly in public. This will be a learned behavior for me and I am learning as we speak. See, Annie turned 18 months old yesterday but so far as she can tell, she is at least 2. Her math is a little off, but the rest of her shtick is spot on.

A couple days ago we enjoyed lunch with some friends. Mama and I had to take turns; one of us would eat while the other walked around outside with Annie. If we tried to sit her in the highchair she insisted on screaming, eating crayons and throwing things on the floor. General tantrum stuff.

It was an otherwise beautiful day in the neighborhood. Our friends’ son Jack is half Annie’s age and he seemed happy as a clam. Maybe he enjoyed watching her go apeshit? I still can’t figure out what was bothering her but she very well may be teething again. We’re learning that there doesn’t necessarily need to be a reason for her to act unreasonably. She’s almost 2 and that’s how she do.

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