Locker rooms and baby girls

Little, precious babygirl need not mingle with very old, very naked men at the YMCA. I made the call this morning. Unless completely unavoidable, I will be waiting to use the family changing rooms after swim lessons. I let the women go first, of course, which allows us an extra 10-15 minutes of “free swim” even though another class is going on. I feel so much cleaner and it’s, without question, better for the munchkin.

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The story of a stay at home dad

And so it begins.

So much to recap and yet it feels like I’ve only just begun. People say we can’t do it. People say we shouldn’t do it. Are dads really cut out to be great parents?

I say absolutely, positively YES. I think my daughter agrees.

Annie in her bike trailer.

The good life!

We use the ratchet straps from my Thule kayak rack to secure the car seat to the bike trailer frame. If they can hold a kayak on the roof of my car at 75mph then I can surely trust them to keep the car seat secure behind my bicycle at 20mph.

The trailer manual says to wait until they are a year old and wearing a helmet before using. The car seat workaround fixes that. We were going for bike rides when she was 4 months old and she has always loved it.

The back of our bike trailer opens up and can hold 2 full-size grocery bags. It is an older model but these are as good or better than mine. Don’t forget to check Craigslist and Ebay for used trailers if you are really looking to save money.

Burley Tail Wagon Bike Trailer
Burley Tail Wagon
Bike Trailer
Quick N EZ Double Bike Trailer
Quick N EZ
Bicycle Trailer
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