Oh, the places you’ll go

I.B. Munchkin Widdles has gained more experience points in her 14 months than her momma and I combined at that age. She is an international skier and fine diner, bike rider, swimmer, onion eater, dog trainer, guitar/piano/glockenspiel player, drummer, frisbee thrower..and the list just keeps growing.

The jury is still out on whether or not she’s actually as special as we think. Perhaps this sort of thing is common in today’s small-ish world? Perhaps not.

Annie's hair likes to stand up on its own, reminiscent of Alfalfa from Our Gang. Annie eats crepes at Whistler Annie enjoys her first Japanese steakhouse at Teppan Village, Whistler, Canada Whistler backpack baby Backpack baby on photo assignment Annie, international skier

The adventures keep coming and so will stories, photos and corny, dad-spun ramblings. Speaking of ramblings, someone from Whistler emailed me today. Maybe they do care about my unsalvageable vacation and a lost first year of ski experience for our babygirl. Maybe we’ll try it again next year but at this rate the little one may prefer a new experience over a place she’s already been.

Good thing the folks get to make the decisions for another little while here!

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