Let’s play ball in the house!

Who’s in?

When I was growing up, playing ball in the house was forbidden. If you grow up in Washington State you spend most of your young life in somebody’s house. Often times you either find a way to play ball in the house or you don’t play ball.

Broken Lamp As a stay at home dad, there are a few issues I staunchly support. One is that we play ball in the house. We play ball in the house all the gosh darn time and it is good. What’s the worst thing that’s gonna happen? It’ll be loud? Someone will break a lamp? Replacing a broken lamp every now and again will be more than worth it if we keep ourselves active and happy.

Why was the prior generation so terrified of horseplay? Something was drilled into the baby boomers that make them inherently risk-averse, and it wasn’t just moms. Whatever it was, it’s not in our house, especially when dad is running the show. Mom commands a bit more “safe” behavior, which is probably a good thing. When dad gets involved the old rulebook is out the window.

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Born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, I graduated with a BA in Business from the University of Washington in Seattle. After working in Seattle for a few years I moved to Alta, UT to work and ski. After getting that out of my system (finally) I settled back in Tacoma. I am now a self-employed photographer and web designer, while maintaining my post as stay-at-home, work-at-home dad to the greatest little girl in all the world.
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