Baby on an airplane

I have dreaded few things like being stuck on an airplane with a baby on my lap. I don’t much care for airplanes when I don’t have a baby on my lap. I could not fathom enjoying my experience on an airplane with a baby on my lap.

We flew from Seattle to Sacramento last weekend for a family reunion and took our first plunge into the abyss. Munchkin Widdles did really well on the flight there, with only a couple blips of anger and attitude. She absolutely LOVED takeoff. A man even commented that he forgot she was there once we had landed.

On the way back, we now know that Annie had air sickness. She kicked and screamed and ranted and raved for a good half hour before vomiting all over us. Luckily, there was no collateral damage, except for maybe the seats and floor. There was quite a bit of turbulence this time around and it took its toll on her! Once she puked she felt a lot better and even enjoyed looking out the window while landing.

My best advice to any father taking a one year old baby on airplane would be to bring:

a) New toys – present just before a meltdown
b) Treats – don’t skimp, bring the good stuff; chewing and swallowing will help relieve pressure in their ears
c) Cocktails – 2+, in your belly

Beyond that, cross your fingers and hope the person next to you likes kids or it can make for a very awkward situation. I have heard that bringing ear plugs for the people around you is a very nice gesture, and had planned to do that before running out of time the day of our trip.

I would love to hear about your misfortunes on an airplane with your (or someone else’s) little ones.

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