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We be jammin

This morning I started playing my acoustic guitar and babygirl was into it. I brought out her glockenspiel and handed her a couple mallets. I am fast becoming a believer in the chromatic glockenspiel for early learning of music theory, … Continue reading

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Let’s play ball in the house!

Who’s in? When I was growing up, playing ball in the house was forbidden. If you grow up in Washington State you spend most of your young life in somebody’s house. Often times you either find a way to play … Continue reading

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Cooking on an iron skillet

Dads, if you stay at home then you are probably cooking for your children. It is imperative that you switch from the non-stick pan to the iron skillet, if you haven’t already. Although easier to use and clean, all “non-stick” … Continue reading

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Baby on an airplane

I have dreaded few things like being stuck on an airplane with a baby on my lap. I don’t much care for airplanes when I don’t have a baby on my lap. I could not fathom enjoying my experience on … Continue reading

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