1 year old baby kicked off Whistler Mountain

Until now, I would have recommended that everyone bring their young family to Whistler / Blackcomb in Canada. That is until they treated my 1 year old daughter like a criminal yesterday. Words cannot describe my disappointment. Whistler has quickly plummeted off the charts for me. It was once a top 5 resort in my book. Now it’s not even worthy of honorable mention, unless you are mentioning organizations that don’t like babies.

The Whistler / Blackcomb legal department is on my shit list. Their circular nonsense of legal B.S. is definitely all-world, and all-embarrassing. I have never heard of a mountain that doesn’t allow 1 year old kids to ride with their parents on the ski hill. You might expect this sort of thing from a backwards resort in Utah, but never would I have expected such nonsense from the resort often labeled #1 in North America. They have no problem with 2 year olds skiing for their first time. Apparently the dangers of them falling off cliffs, hitting trees, being run over by other skiers or snowmobiles… none of these issues concern them. However, they feel that my 1 year old riding on my back in the family zone is dangerous. I’ve been skiing for 30 years.

When buying my lift tickets, I informed the resort employee that I was taking my daughter in my backpack. There did not seem to be any problem with this, so our plans were set! The lift operators had no problem with me loading the gondola. The operators had no problem with me at the top of the hill. It wasn’t until we finished our first run and had separated from momma that we were thrown out. Our family remained separated for 2 hours and as a result I had no way to get back into our room. I left the key with momma, since she didn’t know how long she planned to ski that day (brand new ski boots can be uncomfortable). I had no way to tell her that we had been thrown out – no way to contact her, and therefore no way to access the infamous diaper bag. It was aggravating.

To all families with babies, I say take your vacation dollar elsewhere. They don’t want you here and you certainly don’t want them. They have not responded to my complaint, so I’ve lost hope that they care about my wasted time and money. Maybe they’ll care to put up a sign that says no babies allowed, and better yet, make sure all mountain employees are aware of their anti-baby policy.

Please leave a comment here and I will be more than happy to discuss further. That is more than enough for one blog entry.

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